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​​Plans where you choose what's best for your budget and your pet

The Puppy Option

​​$10 per 10 minute  visit*​​

Start your puppy off on the right foot!

Having a new puppy is a challenge if you work away from home since they need to have a potty break every 2 to 3 hours.

This plan was developed to address their need for a lot of piddle breaks without breaking the bank.

We will provide 3 to 4 short breaks per day, while we also work with your pet on training and socializing issues.

Our staff is knowledgeable and has first hand experience with training new puppies.

As your puppy grows older you can decrease the number of visit. 

Your options in a nut shell

$22 per 40 minute visit* (Restrictions Appy)

$17 per 30 minute visit* (Restrictions Apply)

$15 per 20 minute visit* (Restrictions Apply)

                                 $12 per 10 minute walk around the block visit*                           
(Restrictions Apply) 

          $11 per 10 minute Backyard Tinkle visit                    
 ( this option is only offered to clients with a secure fenced in backyard) It's pawfect for senior pups and small pups with small bladders

$2   Additional Pet Fee Per Pet

This plan  also applies to vacation care and weekend care with the same restrictions.

* Restrictions are as follows:

These restricitions apply to all customers and all plans.
Due to 4 Paws-A-Walkn' being a VERY small company we do not offer credits or refunds for time not used or trading of days. 
If you have requested 5 days a week at a certain time that time is resevered for you.  We can not sell it to anyone else. Thereforth, Payment is required for all time requested.
It cannot be modified in any way for a credit or trade even if you do not use it.

It Includes, but is not limited to Holidays, Sick days, Vacation Days, Inclement weather, Goverment shut downs, Etc...... even if services are not needed.
However, if services are needed on these days there will be no addition fees. 

Credits will only be given  if 4 Paws-A-Walkn' fails to preform their obligation to you. 
Note: Travel fees  for customers outside of our service area apply.
 customized Your plan​​
​​This plan is whatever you need it to be. You design a package that best fits your pet's needs. 
You decide how much time is needed, Y our cost will be determined based on your request.
Additional Services available
Many pets, as they get older have special needs. 4 Paws-A-Walkn' can handle all of those needs. From medication to extra care.

Medication Administration:  
$2.00 per administration. 

(Such as insulin) $3.00 per injection. 
I have received training by a licensed veterinarian on how to administer insulin and monitor blood sugar.
Overnight care
$75.00 per night

Overnight services include: 

Staying at your home overnight so your pet is not alone. The pet sitter's presence also ensures your home looks occupied. We arrive around dinner time and leave the next morning, although we occasionally may leave for a short period of time to run brief errends, eat, or manage a family crisis. The average stay is for 10 to 12 hours. 

Preparing breakfast and dinner for your pet.

Morning walk and evening walk and a brief late night backyard tinkle.

Bringing in mail, newspapers, or deliveries if requested.

​Opening and closing the blinds if requested.

Taking out the trash and returning trash cans to the garage, if requested.

Watering  indoor and outdoor plants, if requested.

Ask Linda for more details
K-9 Massage
Did you know that young, healthy, active dogs will benefit from routine massage treatments?  Many people think that canine massage is only for older dogs, dogs recovering from an injury, or arthritic dogs.  Dogs of any age, breed or size will benefit. 

 My mission, as the owner of Zen Paws Canine Massage is to use my knowledge, experience, and skills as a certified canine massage therapist to provide continued therapeutic pet massage for the overall health and well-being of your fur baby.  In order to properly treat the whole animal, each massage consists of a whole body massage, and each session is approximately 45 to 75 minutes, where I work twenty-three muscle groups on each side of the body.  Some benefits of canine massage include:

*Promotes Relaxation and decreases stress levels and calms the anxious dog

*Improves Circulation

*Helps rid the body of toxins and waste

*Helps the body recover more quickly following exercise, injury, or surgery

*Increases flexibility and joint movement

*Boosts the immune system

*Acts as a passive form of exercise for geriatric and inactive dogs, as well as for dogs recovering from injury or illness

Visit us at www.Zennpaws.com to learn more. 
 Contact us at 703-755-5540 or [email protected] to schedule a massage for your pup today!

K-9 Training
Ask Linda for more details.