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Linda Wakeley

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4 Paws-A-Walkn’

Contact: Linda J Wakeley 
Office:  703-659-3173
Email:  [email protected]


Policies and Procedures

The client hereto agrees as follows:

1)Liability Policy:
4 Paws-A-Walkn’  or its employees agree to provide services stated in this contract in a reliable and trustworthy manner.  In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any and all claims against 4 Paws-A-Walkn’ or its employees, unless arising from gross negligence on the part of 4Ppaws-A-Walkn’.
4 Paws-A-Walkn’
cannot be held responsible for pets that cause damage to furniture, carpet, flooring/woodwork, walls, etc. while walker is not present. 
4 Paws-A-Walkn’
cannot be responsible for pets that bite, suffer an accidental death or escape from faulty fencing or from inside the home due to faulty screens, doors, etc.
4 Paws-A-Walkn’
cannot be responsible for any complications pets may suffer or actions of pets while they are unattended.
4 Paws-A-Walkn’
or its employees shall not be held responsible for the loss, injury, death, or actions of any pet that the client has let outside or has instructed the walker to allow outside while walker is not present.  This includes pets with doggie doors and outdoor pets.
The client understands that all pets (where appropriate) must have a veterinarian and must be up to date on the rabies vaccination.  Client agrees to reimburse
4 Paws-A-Walkn’ for all costs (including, but not limited to, medical care and lost wages) associated with contracting any ailments while exposed to sick pet(s).
4 Paws-A-Walkn’
does not accept aggressive animals.  Client agrees to be responsible for all costs (including, but not limited to, medical care, attorney fees, etc.) if client’s pet should bite another person or animal.
4 Paws-A-Walkn’
will not walk unruly or untrained dogs or dogs that choke themselves on their leash.  All pets must be walked on a leash, no exceptions.
4 Paws-A-Walkn’
does not diagnose, make prognoses, or make therapy decisions, nor does it offer veterinary services.  Any veterinary/medical concerns will be referred to a veterinarian.
4 Paws-A-Walkn’
will not be responsible for any keys the client has asked to be mailed.
Client is responsible for making arrangements for snow removal.  Visits may not be made in snow covered driveways and/or walkways because of safety concerns.

2) Cancellation Policy: 
4 Paws-A-Walkn' does not have any cancellation policy. Due to the size of our company and to keep our prices low, we can not stay in buisness and alow cancellations. We operate on a, space available basics only. If you book the space, you’ve bought the space. There will be no refunds or credits or trading days. 

3) Business Hours:
Business hours 9 to 5.  Home visiting hours fall between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. and services are usually completed during this time unless we are behind schedule.  4 Paws-A-Walkn’ will not accept time specific calls as we cannot guarantee specific times accurately.  A one hour window is acceptable.

4) Bad Check Policy: 
A $30 fee is assessed on all returned checks.  All fees are due promptly and must be paid via cash or money order only.

5) Emergencies: 
Client agrees to authorize 4 Paws-A-Walkn’ to handle any emergencies that may arise.  4 Paws-A-Walkn’ will make every effort to contact client.  In the event client cannot be contacted, client authorizes 4 Paws-A-Walkn’ to use their best judgment and to be available at an hourly rate of $30 to oversee the circumstances.
4 Paws-A-Walkn’ requires you to have a responsible party to take care of your pet(s) in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as illness and in the event of inclement weather or a natural disaster.  It is best your emergency contact is a neighbor so they can reach your home. 4 Paws-A-Walkn’ is not responsible for pets in these circumstances. 

6) Payment Arrangement: 
Payment is expected before services are rendered.  In the event of additional unforeseen visits or other costs (such as food, supplies, or vet fees), payment is expected within 5 days of the completion of services. This can be mailed to: 9521 Moonen Bay Ln Bristow VA 20136
A late charge of $20 will be applied if not paid within 5 business days

Invoice can be Paid though Papal, Venmo, personal check, money order or cash

By signing the forms below the client fully understands and agrees to the contents of this agreement:

Please Download - Print  - complete the Attached Files Below
Inclement Weather
4 Paws-A-Walkn' will be not be in operation during inclement weather if the goverment is closed. However, we will still service all our vacation clients who are out of town  as quickly as the conditions will allow. 
Just a reminder for those vacation clients, we are not responsible for clearing side walks or paths to and from our access of entry to your home. 
Proceedure for hot weather is as follows.
For the safety of our staff and your pets when the heat index is above 95 your pet visit will be processed as follows.
10 minutes outside and 10 minutes of inside play time or 10 minutes of backyard time if your yard is shaded.
Senior dogs may get even less time in the heat. They will be processed on an as tolerated basis.  
Please keep in mind that many neighborhoods are not shaded and the concrete and asphalt temperatures are much higher than the acutal temperatures.
Procedures for cold weather is the same as hot weather.  

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